Winter Wedding Ideas That Will Warm Your Heart

There is something magical about a winter wedding, the change of weather is a chance to supercharge the warmth. When the wedding design elements of colour, lighting, florals, and fabrics come together you can create the most enchanting setting as the centerpiece of your special day. And with these simple tips, we’ll help you turn your dream day into a winter wonderland.

Winter Palette

The overall colour schemes are one of the most important factors when it comes to perfecting your winter wedding look. And the trends here have not changed much in recent years. When you think about warm and cosy interiors, you most likely think about dark and moody tones such as crimson, deep-green, copper and sprinkles of silvery-grey.

Ambient Lighting

The impact of strategically placed candlelight throughout the venue is a simple but effective way to instill that feeling of magic. Lighting incorporated within the plants, trees with branches. Placed in lanterns on table tops, hanging installations from above.The key here is to consider the light itself as part of the decoration rather than simply highlighting it.

Seasonal Florals

Your florals play a big part in the overall aesthetic of your wedding theme from bouquets to table centres. Think big, rich tones to create an over-the-top look if you really want to make a statement with your florals. Always choose Australian grown flowers over imported varieties to support our local farmers.Local flowers don’t cost so much and the money stays within our economy.

Dried & Dyed Florals

Since Covid, dried flowers have made a huge comeback. And we have seen exciting ways that flowers are preserved and dyed in various colours. Not only do they look really striking for winter woodland-themed weddings, they can also be arranged days before the event (taking the stress out of fresh flowers) and can be kept and styled in the home after the big day itself.”

Cozy Throws and Shawls

If your winter ceremony or reception is going to take place outside, providing cozy throws, faux furs and blankets for your guests to snuggle up with is a thoughtful touch. Even with an indoor event, it’s still a fun touch to incorporate throws in some way—perhaps woolen throws bundled up with twine. And when it comes to your wedding party, you can’t go wrong by putting your bridesmaids in shawls that match their gorgeous gowns. You could go one step further and personalise the shawls with their names and gift them to your bridal party.

Natural Wood

There’s something so alluring about the raw, natural wood look, particularly when incorporating within a winter-themed wedding. If you’re able to get some, birch wood or tortured willow, in particular, looks stunning amid the rich tones of a classic winter wedding. Any natural wood will work beautifully with the wedding theme. Consider using round wood slices and stumps beneath your centerpieces, as the base of a cake stand, seating plan and for your directional signage.

Mixed Metals

One final winter wedding trend we love is incorporating mixed metals into your decor. For example: if you’re aiming for a modern, artistic edge consider metal lanterns or vases for your flowers. This can complement any shimmery shades such as any gold and silver used throughout your color scheme. However, metals don’t have to look ultra-contemporary as this won’t suit everyone’s aesthetic. Think about incorporating metals into your lighting, as well as our table and dinnerware.