Romantic Receptions and Sentimental Tablescapes

wedding centrepieces

Let’s take a look at what’s hot for your 2021 wedding. So often the humble table centrepiece is overlooked, but truth be told they play a huge role in setting the drop-dead-gorgeous vibe at your wedding reception. We’ve seen trends come and go, you might remember seeing submerged flowers in a vase with LED lights at the base, or mirrors with candles and floral arrangements at weddings of days gone bye, but what is on trend right now?

Thanks to COVID forcing us to have smaller more intimate weddings we are noticing that couples are putting more thought into their table settings making them more elaborate and personalised. Moving away from the sleek, modern look couples are getting creative with custom linens and thoughtful touches to their tables. We’re noticing some granny-chic appearing on tables everywhere, think layered china, embroidered table cloths, ribbons and vintage glassware.  

The boho wedding has been huge in recent years, we are noticing a continuation of this trend in 2021, with couples incorporating statement florals, bold bridal style and thoughtful décor. One of the clear trends already emerging in 2021 is couples are mad about incorporating nature. Massive bouquets, epic floral installations and reception tables everywhere are cascading with lush greenery and bold florals, creating a more stylised feel with candles, vintage china and beautiful glassware. The best thing about this trend of succulents and lush leaves is that it can be tailored to just about any style of wedding, romantic farmhouse perfect, garden courtyard absolutely, boho chic most definitely!

Who doesn’t love twinkly lights?! Speciality lighting is a trend that is going to be big this year. Along with table centrepieces lighting is the perfect way to set the mood and bring out all the romance vibes at your reception. When the sunsets on your special day and the lights come on, couples are filling their reception spaces with fairy-tale lighting and transforming reception spaces in unique ways. Using a mix and match approach we will see lots of dreamy rooms lit up by festoon lighting, exposed bulbs and string lighting installations vintage chandeliers and candles creating dreamy reception spaces.

Interestingly just like Pantone have chosen two colours as their “Colour of the Year” this year (Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow), we are noticing two colour trends creeping into styling and theming in 2021. Expect to see pops of colour and bold combinations of colours like fuchsia, yellow, teal, bright red and cobalt being used in creative colour-clashing palettes breaking the traditional wedding day mould into 1000 tiny pieces. In complete contrast we are also seeing softer washed out lilacs, pinks, corals and oranges as brides incorporate layered artificial and dried florals incorporating sophisticated greenery for a romantic rustic feel.

In recent years couples have been finding ways to express their individual interests, lifestyle and passions, in 2021 this trend will continue to flourish. Almost every aspect of a wedding provides couples with an opportunity to express who they are, couples will use their wedding day as a way to say “This is us and we want to share who we are with you”. We are predicting that this will see a resurgence in DIY wedding décor, couples will get creative and find ways to incorporate meaningful aspects to their wedding décor.

We love seeing this trend taking off in 2021, your wedding day should be a reflection of you as a couple, make your own style, make the day your own and do it your way!

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