What’s hot in 2021: Wedding flower trends everyone should know!

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Whether you’re a bride looking for inspiration or a wedding planner who needs to stay on top of modern trends, knowing what’s hot (and what’s not) in the 2021 wedding season is vital. Today we take a deep dive into colour palettes, arrangement styles, feature flowers, and all the juicy details you need to make sure your wedding flowers dazzle and delight.

What’s driving 2021’s wedding flower trends?

Before we get down to basics, let’s take a peek behind the trend curtain and ask, “Why?” 2020 was a year no one really wanted to celebrate, and for many bride’s who’d eagerly anticipated their special day it was a stressful bust of moved dates, cancelled ceremonies and general irritation. 2021 is seeing us embrace the freedom of stay-at-home and online shopping in an expanded digital landscape, but still with a nostalgic wish to escape lockdown and celebrate the beauty of the natural world with those we love. 

We see this echoing heavily through the wedding industry as a whole- and especially the floral landscape. Flowers will shine throughout 2021’s wedding season, and it’s time to embrace that wild and wonderful vibe. It’s an exciting year for floral designers in which almost anything could go- so it’s the perfect time to bring creativity and fun to the table. 

Whether you’re a postponed couple hoping for a joyous and jubilant mood-boosting ceremony to offset 2020’s cancelled plans, or a fresh 2021 couple with a celebration of hope and human dreams, your flowers will speak for you.

Flower colours and combos to watch

Colours will be heavily influenced by the bride’s taste, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fun trends to follow. Modern neutrals have been creating a slick, sophisticated framework that complements the dress and creates a gorgeous framing background that doesn’t compete with the bride. You can’t go wrong with cream, blush, and earthy undertones that bring a dreamy feel to the ceremony. 

If neutrals aren’t your taste, green & white are bringing a fresh, almost spring-like tone to the wedding scene. Add delicate washes of blue (as deep or as pastel as you dare) for something unusual, yet attention-grabbing, still packed with hope and growth.

Talking about attention-grabbing, bold statement colour will never go out of fashion. While probably best left for a few key arrangements and not used in every flower at the wedding, don’t be afraid to get a little daring! People want a mood-boosting celebration of joy, and where better than your wedding?

The return of baby’s breath (and other hot flowers)

Hazy escapism and ethereal magic are the tone for this unsettled, yet hopeful, year. What better to embrace that hopeful innocence and dreamy vibe then delicate baby’s breath, which has seen an explosive resurgence? 

Intriguingly, we also see a distinctive, unusual beauty being captured. Think dried (or otherwise preserved) flowers, silk flowers, bleached bouquets, paper arrangements and faux flowers in unusual shades. Representing the junction of art and nature, the beauty in fragility and the hope in colour, they bring an artful, thoughtful vibe to the ceremony. 

Practically, they’re also cost-effective, eco-friendly, and can last forever as a cherished memento. You can dress them up or down, stay natural or paint them up in neons, and make them as extravagant or as simple as your special bride. Artificial flowers are also safe from the price-gouging we saw as COVID impacted the import industry, making them easier to plan around, and you don’t risk losing your flowers if you need to change the date suddenly.

Designing a dream

How do you pin that ethereal hope to earth? Think innovative, imaginative foam-free floral designs where the sky’s the limit. Not only is it a world of dramatic design, it’s sustainable and earth-friendly, too! While urns are back (albeit reinvented for modern eyes), low profile arrangements and cascading florals are capturing everyone’s hearts.

We’ve also moved away from flowers for flowers’ sake to a space where texture and vibrancy marry together a range of intriguing texture combinations. Think palm fronds, grasses, silk flowers, origami paper, succulents…. The world is your oyster, as long as you long to touch.

Statement flowers are hot. In particular, ‘floating florals’ that keep that dreamy ethereal vibe are going to be everywhere. Flowers will grow from finishing touches to impressive interactive installations and floral ‘Insta-nooks’ designed to capture the perfect moment at every turn. It brings an arty and unique vibe that allows the couple’s personality to shine.

Keeping the dream of romance alive, with ethereal touches of hope, happiness and fun is where the 2021 wedding season is at, and that shows in the artful, dramatic flowers that will be celebrating this unique year with you.