5 Wedding Trends We Love for 2020

We’ve seen weddings start to get a head start in breaking traditional styles as the year ends. And we are so pumped up to join in the bandwagon! For sure, weddings in the coming year 2020 are going to be exploding with uniqueness, adventures, and surprising stints and less about going-to-the-chapel tradition or the usual dinner and dancing for the reception parties.

Year 2020 is about to enter and as the wedding industry are starting to up their game, we believe that for your modern to stand out and be memorable, it should all talk about the couple’s individuality coerced together in one dreamy, “this is so us” wedding. 

Because of the ever changing trends, traditional wedding ideas are too predictable already. Couples are more focused to choose modern and contemporary type of celebrations with certain moods and ambience rather than following usual themes and colours.

If you are one of those who still have no idea how to bring out your individuality and plan a wedding that will scream so much about you and your partner, we’ve whipped up a cool new list of Wedding trends for the year 2020 to give you a head start on how you can imagine your anti-traditional wedding will be. So here goes!

Modern Wedding Dresses

It’s no doubt every bride would want to wear a dreamy, long wedding gown to walk down the aisle. It’s what most brides grew up to imagine. It’s not new but it’s also not a rule that we all should follow. Remember this is going to be your wedding and everything has to feel comfortable with you. And with that said, it’s also not a sin to think out of the box! If you’re a jumpsuit kind of bride, why not wear one with the most gorgeous embellishment of crystals and beads. Most modern brides already made the huge leap of staying away from traditional wedding dresses because in fashion, the possibilities are endless. You can portrait your individuality even in your bridal suit. Your dress/outfit should make you want to look and feel like yourself. 

Relaxed & Informal Gathering

Gone are the days where inviting everyone (to please everyone) to your wedding is a thing as couples are now into intimate and relaxed celebrations. Come to think of it, spending one of the best moment of your life with only the people who you personally know, and are dear to you is actually what a wedding should be all about. Also, it costs way much lesser and feels more intimate. This way, you can lavishly celebrate every detail of your event equally because it will always be within your budget surrounded with the only people you want to spend that moment with.

Going Big

Now it sounds like the opposite of an intimate wedding that was mentioned earlier but it’s not. Cutting back on your guest list will actually allow you to go big and bolder with the details on your wedding. It’s not a surprise that wedding trends nowadays consider going all out on decorations, or even personalised details. You see, making a statement will make you standout and giving your wedding that individuality and personal style that will truly make it your own is a huge details you won’t ever regret. Be it from table scapes, lightings, florals to souvenirs or even giant balloons! 

Sustainability is the Key

Spending lavishly for your wedding doesn’t mean you can’t be sustainable. In fact, the best wedding trends are the ones with eco-friendly and eco-concious design and planning. It’s quite easy! Just cut back on unnecessary waste and try to be as nature friendly as possible. There are a lot of choices to choose from on how to keep your wedding earth loving. From dresses made with recycled textiles, repurposed decorations, or even choose a caterer that serves local produce to avoid carbon footprint. Requesting guests to commit to a waste-free event also brings awareness which is a good challenge to everyone. There are so many ways and options to keep a wedding nature friendly and yes, this is a huge modern trend that’ll absolutely make an impact.

Make it About You

There are so many trends that we surely would want to share but we’re saving it for later. With these mentioned above, it will always boil down to how you want to celebrate your wedding and how you’d want it to speak for itself. Bring out your own style and own it because whatever the trends may be, it’s your day that matters.