Wedding Coordinator VS Planners

Do you need a Wedding Coordinator or a Wedding Planner?

While it may seem like Wedding Coordinators and Wedding Planners sound like the same thing, there are some key differences. And the question is, do you need one? Or do you need both?

In a nutshell, an event planner designs the event and a Wedding Coordinator is responsible for everything that you have planned for the day.

Wedding Planners should have a clear understanding of the celebration you envisage and how they are going to achieve it. They will plan the location, venue, entertainment, catering if required, equipment hire and any other additional vendors. They should be well organised, have very good communication skills, and be able to meet your needs and expectations of the day.

Wedding Coordinators take care of logistics and resolve any event-related issues. They are there to ensure that everything runs to plan. They will coordinate the timeline of the day, acts as a liaison between vendors and the bride and groom and is the go-to person should any issue arise.

Often a Wedding Coordinator is offered when booking certain venues, however the extent of their responsibilities lies solely within the workings of the venue and would not reach as far as troubleshooting should there be an issue with another vendor.

Both Wedding Planners and Wedding Coordinators provide invaluable support to – lets face it – what can be a very stressful time! It will depend on your budget and could be costly to have 1 or both, however a planner does have the inside know and could possibly save you money in some areas. For the brides that know what they want and take control of the planning themselves, a Coordinator is a great option to relieve some stress on the big day.