Top Tips for Your End of Year Events and Award Nights

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Does your workplace have an awards night or do you have an annual conference or seminar that you host? Or maybe your school is gearing up for the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony. Have you started planning yet? Did you know now is the time to start planning your end of year events?

We know, how wants to be thinking about Christmas right now? We’ve still got A LOT of work to get through before then…But venues get booked, entertainers get busy, and as they say the early bird gets the worm! Here at Moments Made Easy, we’re clearly partial to a wedding, but we also love making graduations, corporate events, conferences and awards nights look beautiful so you can get the most out of your event. Here are some of our top tips for planning you end of year event.

1. Select a date

Be sure to consider the following before firming up the date of your event.

  1. Give yourself enough time, ideally, you should have 4-6 months to plan, but this depends upon the nature of your event.
  2. Be aware of any public holidays and avoid school holidays or major events already being held in your area
  3. Check dates with key participants (speakers/presenters, VIP guests, stakeholders)

2. Find an appropriate venue

Without somewhere to host your event, there is simply no event! So this needs to be the first thing you tick off your list. Popular venues book out early, especially in peak season. So consider your options early, our key factors to consider here are:

  1. Cost: Budget is usually one of the largest considerations when planning an event, make sure you stick to your budget when considering venues.
  2. Capacity: Along with budget this is a key consideration for your event. You can quickly eliminate venues based on their capacity.
  3. Location: Book a venue in a convenient location with access to parking and transport. Consider if these are available for the duration of your event.  

3. Theming and Styling

This is a key factor for us! Think about a venue that matches the style that you would like for your event. This can help you save money on styling and decorations. Be specific. Are you looking to host a Christmas Party or Graduation? If you stop to think about it, every event has very different needs. Things to consider when planning your event theming and styling:

  1. Use a professional: Event stylists (like us) can help you take your event to the next level and provide you with options to match your theme and style.
  2. Venue: Every type of celebration has the right type of venue for it, and you can easily find out which venue has more experience in the type of event you’re planning. The ideal venue for your function has held similar events in the past and understands what it takes to make your event successful.

4. Catering

If your selected venue provides catering, don’t hesitate to tell them your requirements, whether they’re vegan, no alcohol or anything else. If you want to take charge of catering yourself, you should ask the venue what your options are regarding food and drinks. Will you be allowed to bring your own champagne? You will find that many venues already deal with external catering providers that could come in handy. It’s always worth asking the venue manager for all of the options before searching for catering or drinks companies yourself.

5. Weather

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Brisbane river birthday party hanging flower lantern decoration

Living in South East Queensland we are lucky to have so many outdoor venues to choose from. If you have selected an outdoor venue be sure to have a wet weather plan in place. Where will you go if the weather turns bad?

If you want a little extra help with styling and theming options reach out, we’re always here to help make your event shine bright.