Summer Wedding Trends

What summer wedding trends can we expect to see for 2022?

It’s that time of year. They days are longer, the weather is warmer, moods are brighter and summer is at our door. There’s no denying why summer is one of the most popular times to tie the knot.

As the seasons come and go, wedding trends are ever-changing and evolving and this coming summer is no different.

We are here to help with what’s in and what’s out for this coming summer, what’s on trend and tips to keep in mind when planning for your summer wedding.

Less Is More

Over the top is out and minimalistic is in. Think low key relaxed vibes, easy going and fun! Due to a step back the world has been forced to take over the last 2 years, it’s seen a spike in elopements and more intimate weddings. Less extravagance and more relaxed luxury is where it’s at.

Coastal Wedding Chic

All the freshest house styling trends seen in 2021 now weaving their way into wedding styling for 2022. Natural elements with earthy tones, including rattan elements and macrame tassel chandeliers at set to impress. Decorating with wood and foliage is also on the rise!

Aerial Photography

Taking wedding photography to the next level. Using new heights, angles and fun ways to capture the day for display. Photographers specialising in aerial photography are currently being offered by luxury vendors and is sure set to rise in popularity over the coming year.

Weekday Wedding

Mid week weddings are making a comeback! Many weddings had been put on hold due to COVID restrictions which means the flood gates are open and many venues and vendors are booking out fast, if not already. The demand for dates has forced couples to consider mid week weddings and it’s being well received.

Supporting Local Business

It’s been a tough time for small businesses over the last 2 years, and many couples will be seen to want to prioritise and support local businesses over larger entities.

Top Tips for Summer Wedding

  • Always have a Plan B – especially for outdoor weddings
  • Aussie summers can get VERY hot – consider a water/hydration station for your guests
  • Look after the Elderly – provide seats and shade for our oldies!
  • The heat can effect the stability of flowers – they can wilt so take this into account for your styling and bouquet choice
Photo Credit: Caimin Jacob Media
Photo Credit: Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel
Photo credit: Natalie Watson Photography