Spring Trends in 2022

Spring is traditionally the most popular time to get married in Australia. Now, as we start seeing some normality around social events and celebrating couples saying I do with their family and friends, I’ve seen a few new trends sneaking into elopements and weddings alike.

Mid-week weddings, intimate celebrations with smaller guest lists and outdoor weddings are proving popular. Some of my other favourite trends that are emerging as we climb out of winter are…

Flowers as far as the eye can see

Having an outdoor or garden wedding is the perfect opportunity to showcase springtime flowers. Not only does as floral backdrop look striking using a mix of flowers in full bloom and our premium slik flowers means you get a long lasting floral design that will look fresh all day.

Dessert Bars

There’s always room for dessert right?! Dessert bars have been around for a while, but they are set to increase in popularity this spring. Why not indulge with bit-size dessert portions, that your guests can pick and choose from depending on their taste?

Food Trucks and Canapes

Gone are the days of the humble buffet. They have been replaced by the unlimited choices offered by food trucks and/or canapes. An exciting and fun choice to offer your guests a different experience at your big day.

Wedding Dress Trends

The traditional white dress is oh so yesterday. I am seeing more and more brides adding splashes of colour or making a statement by wearing a gorgeous gown that might be seen on the red carpet. I’m seeing lots of 2-piece wedding dresses, changes from the wedding to the reception, plunging necklines and floral designs. It’s all about making your day your own. Your dress should be no different a reflection of you.

Wet Weather

As I’m writing this, I am listening to the rain drum down on my roof. While they say rain on your wedding day is good luck, there are not many couples who feel that way waking to rain on their wedding day.

This Spring in Australia ‘they’ are predicting with La Niña conditions are set to return for a rare third consecutive year. La Niña typically delivers increased rainfall across eastern and central Australia and a wetter start to the northern wet season. So what does that mean for your Spring Wedding??

First of all embrace it! There’s nothing you can do if Mother Nature decides to dampen your big day, so try to roll with it. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding make sure you have a plan B if it rains. Speak with your venue or wedding planner to be sure to have a wet weather backup location, umbrellas and take advantage of the oh-so-dreamy lighting that a rainy day provides for your wedding photos.