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It’s one of the big questions when planning your wedding.  Do we or don’t we have children present?  And will we offend anyone?  Maybe!  But generally, most guests are respectful that it is your wedding and your decision.

A Child-free wedding ensures no unwanted interruptions during the all-important ceremony, frees up guest numbers, potentially saving money in an already expensive venture, and keeping safety in mind – some venues just aren’t children safe.

If you decide to have a child free wedding there are some things to keep in mind for your guests.

 Child Free For Me –

  • Give them plenty of notice – Let your guests know early so they have plenty of time to organise care for their children
  • Emphasise the positive – Don’t be too blunt as it may come across rude.  Put it in a way that you want all your guests to relax and fully enjoy the day/evening and let their hair down a little!
  • For those guests traveling from out of town – offer options of care they can take up for the night.  Maybe if there is a group of children a shared care/babysit option might cut costs and would be fun for the kids too.
  • Don’t be surprised if some guests just can’t make it.

And of course, if you decide that children present at the wedding is for you, here are our top tips:

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The More the Merrier!

  • Food and Drinks – children friendly options!  Don’t assume that they will eat what the adults are being served.  Prepacked snacks are great, juice boxes & mini bottled water, low sugar non messy desserts.
  • Entertainment – make the kids table fun! Small activities that might keep them amused.  Colouring books, separate wedding favours suited to children, board games, and lawn games for after the ceremony.  And if the budget allows, even a childminder present for the night wouldn’t go astray.
  • Give them little jobs – it will make them feel important and a special part of the day
  • And don’t get to stressed if they get a little bit excited.  It’s such a fun and exciting day for them too!