Destination Weddings

Brisbane Botanical Gardens

As I head off for a much needed break to the Whitsundays for healing and rejuvenation it reminds me of the many couples who embark on destination weddings.

I think most would consider a destination wedding as somewhere far far away, however this is not entirely the case, and a destination wedding is simply a place outside of where the couple currently resides.

For those who have a love for adventure, a destination wedding is often a very attractive option.  As travel restrictions ease, I’m excited to see destination weddings an option again.

There are many things to consider though when looking at a destination wedding and I unpack some of them below

  • Consider who are your non-negotiable guests that you want at your wedding.  Take into account the cost involved and who can afford to attend, location, family commitments and work commitments.  If some of these things affect your non-negotiable guests, perhaps a destination wedding is not for you
  • Ensure you have a childcare option if children are not invited.  Depending on the location, some families will have to bring the kids in tow and offering a childcare option is a must have
  • Seasonal limitations – whether that be due to weather, increased season costs or accommodation availability
  • Many people love a destination wedding!  Ensure you give people plenty of notice so they can save accordingly and most will time it perfectly for their annual holiday
  • Honeymoon and wedding rolled into 1!  Spend some time with your guests afterwards then sneak off for your alone time
  • A great option for those who wish to elope
  • Depending on the location overseas, it can be comparable in price if not cheaper.  Many offer all in 1 packages which makes everything very easy and cost effective
  • For overseas destinations, there are many experienced wedding planners who you can engage to make the process a little easier.  On the flipside for someone who decides to plan themselves, communication can be difficult and decision making more challenging

The latest list of top destination wedding locations in Australia include: Hunter Valley, Luna Park, The Fig Tree Byron Bay, Royal Botanic gardens Sydney, Hamilton Island. Don’t forget for overseas options only a stone throw away – Fiji, New Zealand or Bali!

Whatever you decide, the simple prospect of being able to travel again and potentially have a destination wedding is very exciting!

North Stradbroke Island
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