native centrepiece

As Rustic Country weddings and Boho styling is playing a starring role in weddings today, the demand for native wedding flowers and styling elements are at an all time high.  And why not? The native theme brings you closer to nature. The perfect mix and match of texture, colour and and by injecting a touch of modern flair, you can reflect your own individual personality and make your event distinctly unique.

When choosing flowers for that ultimate Australian native vibe, stick to your rustic themed palette. Warm natural, organic colours are the go-to for a no-fail colour scheme. Don’t be afraid to play around and experiment with textures, both fresh and dried botanical elements. Let your creativity run wild!

Imagine the easy and handmade touch of a wedding like this playing around wildflowers, Aussie natives, sprigs, and wooden details knotted together with a craft jute twine. It’s a nice idea if you want to lure away from the traditional wedding set-up. 

When choosing native flowers for that ultimate Boho vibe, make sure to stick to your rustic themed palette. Fall colours are a go-to if you want a no-fail colour scheme. Warm and cosy colours are also good to consider. There are a range of native wedding flowers that you can choose from to achieve the perfect arm-candy for you and your squad. Stay away from traditional blooms like lillies or roses. Opt for ones with more texture and colour variations which native florals naturally look like. They also adda modern touch to your wedding style. Don’t be afraid to play around and experiment.

Using native flowers for your wedding also is a stand-out. It’s like a work of art when installed and arranged in a way that definitely speaks individuality. Because it is very different from traditional themes, Rustic Country weddings give that intimate and homey feel for your guests. They are obviously striking by itself, and much more when styled and put together as a table centrepiece, a hanging installations, or even as a photo booth wall. Experimenting with native flowers are endless! 

Quick tip for an ultimate rustic and bohemian wedding; choosing a wonderful outdoor setting will definitely pull it all together. Country weddings are very popular nowadays because believe it or not, a wedding should be carefree and hassle free unlike the hustle and bustle that is in the city. For the couple who loves the outdoors, what’s a more intimate wedding than to have it celebrated inspired by and connected to nature.