6 Autumn Wedding Trends We’re Loving On

If you’re still hooked on the sunny summer wedding themes that stirred so many trends, I am here to tell you “that’s so last season”! The autumn vibe is what’s taking over. As the season changes, so shall the trends be and yes, we do gotta keep up! Imagine the warmth and cosy rustic touches that will never run out of style. This is definitely going to be the new classic in the wedding theme trends.

And because rustic is our most favourite style, and autumn is definitely our favourite season, we’ve round up our Top 6 Wedding trends for this season that we’re so obsessed with and surely you will too!

Rich Jewel Toned Velvety Fabric Accents 

blush floral arbour

What’s nice about going for a fall-themed wedding is the luxe colours you can actually mix and match together. Velvet is perfect when used in deep warm colours like jewel-toned swatches. They can easily bring out your warm autumn decors even to the tiniest details. You can use this colour to bring out pretty touches like ribbons, menus, chairs, and so much more. If you use this element correctly, you’ll definitely have that lovely warm yet luxurious autumn vibe aura.

Burgundy is the new Black for men

Don’t forget to style the lads! Don’t settle with just the plain old black tie suit and leave them be. It’s about time we give room to the men to kick it up a notch when it comes to getting creative with their wedding style too. Nowadays, there are so many colours to choose from for men’s suits that are definitely trending. Aside from a navy blue tux to go outside of the traditional black colour, go for a spanking fall-fashion-forward colour like Burgundy. Groomswear levelled up!

LIT Ceiling Installations

wedding decorations brisbane
Magical burgundy blush pink white hanging lanterns in tree

You can never have too many lights! Especially when you’re playing with a rustic theme, it’s okay to go beyond the traditional drop lights or hipster lights. Like in every event or wedding styling, it’s okay to go over the top as long as you blend everything together really well and that you make sure all of the details you add complement each other. Like when it comes to adding pretty lightings, it’s time to experiment and deliver enough sparkle with the chandeliers, floral ropes, hanging parasols, and draped lights you wanted to use for a long time but were unsure if it would work. Well, we say go for it! 

Gold & Rose Gold Cutlery

wedding centrepieces

Fall weddings are all about warm tones. But it doesn’t mean you can’t lure away from the basic fall colours. Mix and matching colour palettes are endless! So even if you choose a deep or dark fall colour, you can still add some pretty accent of warmth on your wedding style. Try using rose gold or gold cutlery for contrast. Using gold or rose gold as your metallic of choice is definitely enough to align you with the fall wedding theme still. It’s not just with cutlery but you can also add the same colour scheme with your place cards, menus, napkins, etc. Overall, it definitely will look more stylish, elegant, and of course, Instagram worthy!

Customised Exit Tosses

Exit tosses are also getting more creative in the wedding industry. Please, stop the throwing of uncooked rice already! Imagine the dreadful effort the couple has to do just to shake off everything that gets stuck in their clothing, and the bride’s hairdo, I can’t even! Why not create photo-worthy exit tosses that guest will surely enjoy tossing? We love the idea of using paper planes, biodegradable confetti made from dried leaves, or herbs, flower petals, or pompoms! Oh and please, stay away from hazardous glitters, or anything that’s not good for the environment.

Citrus & Berry Inspired Colour Themes

Don’t be scared to ditch the colour pink, dear brides. If you come to think of it, imagine the wonderful mix and match of fallen leaves in the fall season. Experiment and get creative with inspired colours of citrus and berry or burnt orange and nudes or browns. You can start to play around and decide from there the colour palette that will make your fall-themed wedding full of love and warmth!