5 Reasons you should choose artificial flowers over fresh for your wedding day

If you’re looking to celebrate your wedding in a beautiful way, you’re likely dreaming of gorgeous florals at every turn. Artificial wedding flowers are the hot new trend in bridal styling- but why? Gone are the days of stiff, cheap-looking, plastic clumps that are displayed in dusty vases at your Aunty Margaret’s! Modern faux flowers are elegant, chic, and ultra-realistic. Let’s take a deep dive into why so many brides today are opting to go faux over fresh.

1. You can have any flowers, regardless of the season

The biggest win is that artificial flowers are never out of season. So whether you want a touch of summer in your autumn wedding, or you have your heart set on two specific varieties which don’t bloom during the same season, you’ll never get caught in the unavailability trap where you either can’t have them or have to pay a hefty premium just to get the look you want by importing blooms from overseas when they’re not available locally.

2. Your guests will adore you

Especially those with allergies! Silk flowers are free of all the issues fresh flowers bring to the table. There’s no pollen to set off allergies, they won’t drop petals or pollen onto your meticulously planned wedding dinner, and they won’t wilt, brown, or die before you’ve danced the night away. If you happen to be a bride with hayfever, you’ll also get to have a gorgeous wedding bouquet without fighting back puffy eyes and the sniffles while walking down the aisle!

3. They take the stress out of wedding floral planning

No upsetting wedding morning surprises are lurking with silk flowers. You won’t suddenly find bruised buttonholes, a bridal bouquet with substitute flowers you didn’t ask for, or only notice a set of bridesmaid bouquets is missing when they arrive on the morning of the Big Day. You also won’t have to watch them wilt before the ceremony even begins because our hot Aussie sun got the better of them.

Because they are everlasting and will always look exactly as you expect, you can plan well in advance with your bouquets, buttonholes and everything else made up days and weeks before the big day. No hassle, no mess, and no wedding-morning tears.

What’s even better? They couldn’t be easier to transport to the venue, either. Even for destination weddings! They’re always guest-ready and need very little on-the-spot assembly, meaning you can set up and relax. One less wedding day stress to worry about.

4. Supply fluctuations won’t ruin your dream or your budget

As we’ve seen from the global health crisis, supply chains and availability of fresh items can change very quickly and it can get ugly if you’re relying on something at a set price. Because gorgeous silk flowers don’t need to be specially imported like fresh, they give you extra peace of mind you can plan around. There will be no sudden price fluctuation due to scarcity or, even worse, lack of supply to face at the last minute. Why change your plans when you can just plan smarter with faux flowers?

5. Quirky and traditional brides can both find something to love

While most brides will want realistic looking artificial flowers that match nature’s beauty, if you’re trying something offbeat with your decor, you’ll still be able to incorporate florals to match. From realistic to fantastical, you can find faux flowers in even more striking colours and looks than Mother Nature intended.

From the bridal bouquet to the wedding reception flowers, artificial flowers offer you peace of mind, serenity, and the gorgeous looks you’ve been dreaming about. Interested in chatting about organising faux flower decorations for your next event? Let’s get this flower planning party started! Email me today at [email protected]