5 reasons why artificial flowers are the best choice

“I can’t have artificial flowers, it will be so obvious they’re not real!”

I hear this line all the time! And I can totally understand where people get this from but faux flowers have come a long way. We are not talking about the daggy, old fashioned artificial flowers of yesteryear! The advancements in authenticity where artificial flowers are concerned are quite astounding and they continue to get better all the time. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference in most cases. So before you make your final decision on fresh flowers take a quick read over a handful of reasons why we encourage our clients to opt for artificial flowers every time.

1. Faux Flowers Are ALWAYS In Season

I would say, the number one advantage is having access to any flower that your heart desires. Yep, those out of season varieties like peonies and hydgrangea, expensive orchids and big bountiful garden rose blooms can be yours. You no longer have to worry about seasonal availability. Your favourite flower is yours for the choosing at any time of year … it’s just that simple!

2. Flawless faux flowers you can keep forever

Environmental conditions such as heat and rain are enemies of fresh flowers. All it takes is a heat wave or torrential rains to not only limit supply of your favourite fresh blooms, but it reduces availability due to damage and causes fresh flower quality to be compromised either from wilting, bruising or spotting. Luckily, your artificial flowers will withstand any kids of weather so they look amazing all day and can be kept for years to come. Many of our brides choose to display their wedding flowers in their home as a stunning bouquet sitting proudly in a beautiful vase or have it framed and hung, presented on a wall as a treasured reminder of their special day.

3. Which type of flowers create the most WOW?

The floral bouquets and arrangements you make with fresh florals or artificial flowers create pretty much the same impact. I find though, when working with silk flowers that I am able to push the boundaries and have more creative control over the final outcome. Real flowers are far more delicate and you have to be very cautious to minimise physical contact. Real flowers need far more care. There really is no limit to the possibilities of what you can create with artificial flowers.

4. Artificial Flowers are Allergy Free

Allergies can be a nightmare for weddings and other events, ruining the experience for hosts and their guests. With faux flowers you can be surrounded by gorgeous flowers without worrying about an impending attack of sneezing, wheezing or itching to worry about. 

5. Faux flowers are a favourite for Destination Weddings

Flowers for a destination wedding can be a little tricky, the first challenge is that you may not be able to find a good florist in that area. Or you have chosen a destination that is restricted with flowers that are available locally and importing them will blow your budget right out.  This is where artificial flowers are a  lifesaver. They can be easily packaged and distributed without any issues and are generally lightweight. Once they’re unpacked, they can be fluffed up to look perfect again. Great quality faux flowers are the perfect alternative to fresh. We promise, for a Destination wedding if you choose artificial flowers, you definitely won’t regret it.

So you may have guessed it. If you ask us at Moments Made Easy, we think that Artificial Wedding Flowers are hands down a far better choice over fresh flowers. With the information above you can see why we feel so strongly about this. We can replicate any fresh flower bouquets, flower backdrops, table centerpieces, hanging installation, ceremony arbour flowers and flower-displays you are dreaming up.

In many cases, we can hire floral arrangements to you from our existing range to help keep your costs down too!

Remember, we’re not talking about the daggy, dust collecting old school variety of artificial flowers from many years back. The advancements in authenticity are mind-blowing and improving all the time.⁠

But don’t just take my word for it, head over to our gallery to see some of the beautiful faux floral pieces we have recently created for our happy clients