33 Tips for All Couples Planning Their Own Wedding

Don’t you love the feeling you get after a proposal? The excitement you have when you’re ready to announce it to everyone is pure bliss! Then all of a sudden, the struggle is definitely real when it is time to plan for the wedding day. Not to mention the micro panic attack that tingles on the skin by the thought of it! Because of this, couples opt to hire professional wedding planners for their big day to help them out. Most of the time, it’s like the easiest way to flee away from the hassle that they are about to dive into.

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Did you know that the both of you getting more involved in the planning is actually not that hard? All it takes is injecting some fun and individuality as you work on it. The more you involve yourselves, the more personal your wedding will be. Watching your plans come together is very fulfilling. It sure is a tedious and stressful task but hey, it’s never impossible to make your dream wedding come to life.

So how do you ever begin with this chaos? Organise! Be patient to lay down everything. Define all your “what-nots” and “what-to-do’s.” Make a list of everything that you need focus on first, second, and then the last. You’ll get a hang of it! Organizing all your ideas and thoughts will be the foundation you need to plan for your big day. Make sure you have enough time or more to do your list. Set measurable and attainable deadlines. Make options if “Plan A” doesn’t work to avoid going around the bush and panic when something doesn’t go right.

Think you’re ready? now it’s time to focus on your budget. Actually it may be the first one already that might come through your mind. Once you have a running budget prepared, it’s time to get the wedding planning started! It is important to make plans that you know will go within your budget. It’s good to dream big, but always remember that it’s your own finances that is on the line to achieve that dream wedding. One tip that might extend your wedding budget is to try sharing your plans to close families and friends. You’ll never know who will be willing and very eager to help out and give a hand as you plan through. But, don’t forget to focus on important details because it’s wise to keep your plans within the budget still. Better to spend less than expected than get into debt.

Now that you have your budget completely fixed, it’s time to get in-depth with the planning. This is where the fun and stress and everything between happens! Try to look out for wedding inspirations. You may even start to build your own Pinterest board so you can have a style guide you want to achieve for the wedding. You can also get ideas from recent or past events that you have attended and note down what you loved about it. Most importantly, get you groom-to-be involved in the planning. It is best to work together as a team to ensure that your dream wedding is going to express both of you. You are, obviously a couple.

1. Decide on a fixed budget

2. Make a “Wedding Priority List”

3. Identify your Stand-out Style

4. Set Options if Choice A doesn’t work

5. Organisation is key

6. Plan Together as a Couple

7. Read, read, read – Wedding Planning books help!

8. Accomplish a Wedding Checklist

9. Take time to Decide

10. Consider the Seasons when Setting Dates

11. Specify your Theme

12. Agree togethr who to Invite for the Party 

13. On-Site Weddings are less the hassle

14. Prepare you Guest List

15. Ask for Guidance from your favorite married couples

16. Read about your Location choices

17. Choose Vendors you love to work with

18. Always Read the Contract

19. Friends & Family are Extra hands

20. Spread the word with a Wedding Website

21. Spend less with DIY-ing

22. Breathe, Take a time out, and Carry on with the Planning

23. Select Wedding Traditions that Matter

24. Get Personal with your Details

25. Online Presence is important

26. Finalise your Design & Theme details

27. Set your Marriage License

28. Leave the honeymoon planning for later

29. Last minute touches with a Day-Of Coordinator

30. Plan a well-integrated Schedule of program

31. Be grateful

32. Look forward for the big day!

33. Always make it fun!