2021 Winter Wedding Trends!

Kangaroo Point Wedding
Kangaroo Point Wedding

The winter months of June, July and August are traditionally least popular and are considered the wedding off-season in Australia, with brides and grooms favouring spring and summer to tie the knot. Sure the cooler months can be an extra consideration, but I’m here to tell you the biggest secret in the wedding industry winter weddings are totally underrated. Sure, you may have trouble finding peonies to add to your centrepieces but there are other flowers and greenery that look just as gorgeous on your tables or in your bouquet, or you could go faux and fabulous.  

So this blog goes out to all the winter wedding couples who are bucking the trend and planning fantastical and magical winter wonderland weddings.

1. Avoid Peak Season Fees.

As I said, the winter months tend to be the least popular months for weddings, so competition is much less and suppliers are less in demand, so you may find you can get the same venue, caterer, florist and other suppliers at a cheaper rate than you would during the peak wedding season. Not to mention your wedding guests wont be all weddinged out and will love having the opportunity to celebrate your special day with you.

2. Comfort Food For The Win

Chilly nights call for a little extra deliciousness, why not serve your favourite comfort food to warm up the reception? Winter is the ideal time of year to serve up some delicious goodness like pumpkin soup, steak and mash and warm desserts that feel especially satisfying on a fresh winters night.

3. Winter Décor: Not All Flowers Go Into Hibernation In The Winter

There are so many gorgeous flowers available to brides in the winter months in Australia. We are so lucky that some of the prettiest and sweetest smelling flowers come out to show us their magic in the winter months. Why not try some of our favourites below? Or speak to me about our faux and fabulous options.

  • Blushing bride
  • Camellia
  • Daffodil
  • Kale (Yup that’s right, it’s not just good in your smoothie)
  • French Lavender
  • Tulips
  • Hydrangea
  • Lillies
  • Gerberas
  • Wheat
  • Dried palm leaves (not technically a flower, but still gets a mention)
  • Eucalypts

4. Gorgeous Gowns and Cosy Accessories.

Add an individual touch to your big day with some fun accessories like a fur shawls, cape, leather jacket or gloves in a style that suits your wedding theme. Brides who love to bust out those cosy knits and big jackets this is the season for you! If your wedding ceremony is outdoors or in an open air venue you might consider including a cosy blanket or two for your guests and your bridal party photos.

5. Colour Me Red

Traditionally, deep reds and jewel tones incorporating burgundy, bottle green and amber are popular wedding colours in the winter. Don’t just stop at the flower arrangements and floral arbours, why not embrace the trend and choose feature those colours in your bridesmaids gowns and the groomsmen’s bowties or even a pop of colour on your gown?